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What is a tape-sync?

Do you need high quality audio for a guest on your podcast, but can’t visit them to record? A tape-sync is a great way to get high-quality audio recorded by a professional audio producer.

Unlike an expensive recording studio, I can visit your guest at their place of business, home, or any other convenient location. A high-quality, mobile recording studio can be created virtually anywhere.

I offer tape-syncs anywhere in a 275 mile radius of Minneapolis, MN, including Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, and Iowa.

Offering Tape-syncs in these towns and surrounding areas:

•Eau Claire, WI

•La Crosse, WI

•Madison, WI

•Rochester, WI

•Superior, WI

•Wausau, WI

•Sioux Falls, SD

•Cedar Rapids, IA

•Des Moines, IA

•Fargo, ND

•Duluth, MN

•Minneapolis, MN

•Rochester, MN

•St. Paul, MN

•St. Cloud, MN

•Rochester, MN


Prices Start at $150

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